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In the year 1951, Fosters Appliances went into business to provide homeowners with the most professional appliance repair, replacement parts and many other services to get the old appliances up and running. We have a long experience repairing appliances, having been in this industry for the last 60 years. With time, we have learned how to make things better, even the most advanced appliances.

With the advancement in technology, more hi-tech gadgets are being manufactured for our homes, and that is why we keep on top of the trends in the market.  Authorized to act on behalf of many appliance manufacturers, whenever a new product hits the market, our technicians are trained hands-on, gaining a firsthand experience on how the appliance works.

As long as you are in our area of service or its precincts, our trained technicians are only a phone call or an email away. We offer services like cook top repair, stove repair, icemaker and dryer repairs, oven repair, washer repair and many more.

Our commitment is to bring your appliances back to life, to help you save money because when you have the old appliance up and running, you will not have to buy another one. This way, we also believe in doing some good for the environment because when you do not have to buy a new appliance, then it means less electronic waste is dumped.

Have not written off your appliance just yet! It still has more life left. At least, that is what we believe here. It is our work to revive it for you. Buying new appliances can be expensive. You need a good repair team that you can always run to when you need help. It is a hard economy, and therefore, you would like to save money any way that you can. When your refrigerator is not working right, in most cases, it is only that a part has malfunctioned. We can get it back on its feet fast.

We know where to get the best appliance parts in the business because we are always on a one on one with the manufacturers. We will get your genuine spare parts, covered by warranty.

Foster’s Appliances is one of the most established repair companies in business today. It was established in 1951 and 60 years later, it has continued to give homeowners value for their money by helping them get more service out of their appliances. Foster repair is driven by the belief that there is always more life left in most of the appliances.

Here we service and repair all types of home appliances. It does not matter what your rand name is because our well-trained technicians will take care of the repairs for you. We also offer advice on how you can make your appliance last longer. Right from the friendly customer care team to the technician who comes to your home to repair the appliance, you will enjoy the professional handling and cooperation that you will be accorded here.

 Our services

The hallmark of our services is professionalism. We will make sure that we offer you the best quality for your money by standing right behind you all the way. If you are happy with our services, you can rate us according to how we did your job. If you are unhappy with some aspect of our services, please go ahead and tell us so that we can correct that. Since ours is a business that heavily relies on referrals, we would like you to tell your friends about us, and that is why we offer the best service.

There is an evolution happening in the appliances market. Newer and more advanced appliances come up all the time, and that is why we make sure that are our technicians are trained hands-on about how to repair the latest appliances. We act on behalf of many companies and brand names and therefore, even the replacements parts that we will use in appliances are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

 Genuine appliance parts

If your appliance is genuine, why should you buy fake parts? It does not matter what brand name your washer, cooktop, stove, oven, fridge or any other appliance is because we will get you the genuine parts for the same. No matter what part has malfunctioned in the machine, we can get it for you, and Foster’s Appliances professional technicians will have the gadget running in the shortest time possible.

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