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What do Foster’s Appliances Do?

Foster’s Appliances repairs all household and commercial appliances irrespective of their brand.

I am confused…I don’t know whether to repair or replace my appliance. What do you advice?

At Foster’s Appliance, we believe that your appliances life is not over until it is over. While the prices of most appliances have been steady for many years, it is still pricier to buy than to repair. In many cases, we find that only one or two parts that have malfunctioned and therefore after the parts are replaced, everything else works very well.

Can I trust your technicians to give my appliance the best repair?

Our technicians are manufacturer trained. Since Foster’s Appliance represents many manufacturers in the market, we get hands-on training to repair most of the appliances, even the latest entrants in the market.

 How Do I best place my Refrigerator?

Does it have a metal grid? If it does, then you should leave at least an inch between the fridge and the wall. If there is no metal grid, you can place it all the way against the wall.

I have suds left over after washing. Do I need to call a technician to look at my washer?

Well, yes and no, but even before you call a technician, perhaps you are using too many detergents, and therefore, you should try reducing. If that does not work, call Foster’s Appliance.

Why is the water too cool even during the warm cycle in my washer?

In most cases, there does not have to be a problem at all with the washer. To create warm water, the washer has to mix cold and hot water, and therefore you will find that during the cold months, the cold water is colder and therefore when mixed with hot water, it will be cooler.

What do you advice me to lengthen the life of my appliances?

Well, at Foster’s Appliance, we advice on proper placement of appliances like the fridge, proper cleaning and maintenance of the oven, how to use your washer correctly and even more important, hire professional technicians for repairs.

Why should I service or repair my appliance?

For the simple reason, you would like to have your appliance for long time. Appliances experience wear and tear. Servicing and  repairing may be costly at times depending on how bad the appliance  was, but since at Foster’s Appliance, we make it as good as new, repair and service are always cheaper than buying.

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