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At Foster’s Appliances, we offer a number of services over four counties. We realize that different customers have different needs, and that is why we service and repair any brand name. Backed by the best brand manufacturers in the home and commercial appliances market, we will repair your appliance in the shortest time possible.

Residential and commercial appliance repair services

We offer appliance repair services at residential and commercial levels. We understand that it is very tough for your kitchen or business to have an appliance break down on you, and that is why we always act fast to get it back to work. Our main objective is to offer you timely repair services so that you do not waste much time and lose money.

If you have a broken home appliance, we will get it operational again very fast so that you can have your kitchen in working order again. Some appliances are very important, and they had better be kept at top-notch condition all the time. For example, if your fridge breaks down, you could face a huge food waste. We will help you avoid that.

 Our areas of service

Foster Appliances will cover San Bernadino, Los Angeles, Ventura and Riverside Counties. Our team will come to your home and will work on the appliance from there, to your satisfaction.

If you have a broken down appliance at home, you just need to call a Foster’s Appliance technician, and they will come over to your home. You can let them repair your oven without any fear because they are professional and have a hands-on experience built over the past 60 years. All people who work here are screened carefully before we hire them, and therefore, you can entrust them to any part of your home.

For the best servicing and repair jobs, we invest in the best tools in the business. We aim to repair your appliance in a way such that it will show no dents or scratches whatsoever. Oh and you do not have to worry about our pricing. It is very flexible because different people come with different budgets and different jobs. We will prepare a very affordable repair package for you.

If you are happy with our appliance repair service, please go and tell others about us.

In addition to a full range of repair services, we provide the following services on your appliance:



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